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Each school district is diverse with its own unique culture. We don’t try to serve you a “cookie-cutter” version of a program but instead enjoy the challenge of creating something as unique and diverse as the communities we serve. Here are some examples of what makes Montebello Unified School District singular.

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The Montebello Unified School District is committed to teaching children healthy lifestyles. Nutrition, health and the whole child’s well-being are in the fibers of our program. It wasn’t difficult to support and enhance the great work Montebello Unified School District already does. With a dash of ingenuity and drive, the after-school program can sustain the instructional day’s values into after-school hours.

We will never be content giving the bare minimum. We will always search for ways to serve as many children as possible. Programming and outside funding sources ensures that as many kids as possible can have access to a quality program.

With increasing demands on instructional day teachers and staff, music education is in real danger. Watching students perform at our annual talent is like music to our ears.

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